Want to be an agent? No problem!

Have you ever thought, what would it be like to be an agent? I am sure, you have. Because we all admired Agent 007 at some point. He was great with women, gentleman, had an Aston Martin, and unlimited possibilities. He was a hero, even if he was doing nasty things. Women desired him; men admired him. What makes a regular agent an excellent agent? Is it his ability to work under pressure, under cover and yet he is not able to be found? Or is it his ability to read a body language, to read an indistinct verbal language, that a regular human being won´t be able to discover?


We think a good agent has combination of characters mentioned above plus he has to be super quick, thoughtful, brave and able to concentrate no matter what. Why don´t you test your chances? You can be agent too. If you come and join the game Agents at lazerfun Prague, you can try, what it feels like to be an agent.


This awesome laser game is suitable for beginners. You don´t have to have a big team of people, but you have to be a good runner. It only takes four more comrades for all of you to start a game. It is not team against team kind of game. You have to fight for your own life, if you are an agent. Rest of the guys will try to kill you as soon as they have a chance. From the beginning of the game, you all are even. Everyone starts with the blue colour, but once the game is running, it will be obvious, who has to shoot who. Agents are randomly selected and tagged with the red colour depending on how many players are in there. Blue people then try to steal the red mode as soon as they can by killing agents. Blue people do not shoot each other. Let´s see, how long you can last in such a competitive environment, and for how long you can stay a good agent. And remember! Body language is the key.